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Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

This Lockout and Tagout training aims to develop the knowledge and skills required of those employees to be able to implement procedures and equipment or hazardous energy. Knowledge/skills in question here involves the locking and labeling correctly so that accidents caused by these energies can be avoided.

Lockout and Tagout Training Objectives

After the end of this Lockout/Tagout Training participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrating their understanding background and concepts of LOTO
  2. Identifying the purpose of the application of the policies and benefitsin employment LOTO
  3. Identifying which employees must apply LOTO
  4. Identify hazards and other types of equipment LOTO
  5. Understand the steps to be followed in implementing LOTO and what to do at each stage.
  6. Having awareness embodied in the form of responsible behavior in implementing LOTO

Lockout and Tagout Training Participants

This course is suitable for managers, supervisors, officer / engineer,employees, self-employed, who are responsible for implementing and coordinating the activities of LOTO, supervisors, safety

Lockout and Tagout Training Outline

  1. Authorized employees/affected employees.
  2. Lock vs tags.
  3. Issue of/responsibility for locks/tags/equipment.
    • Individual responsibility for use.
  4. Isolation, Individual and sequence.
    • Emphasis sequence, and multiple energy source potential.
  5. Removal/restorations of energy.
  6. Review of equipment.
    • Periodic (day-week-month-year?).
  7. Work order/work review.
    • Individual responsibility
    • Supervisory responsibility
    • Management commitment
  8. Inspection procedures.
  9. Contractors
    • Responsibility to inform
  10. Disciplinary actions.

o    Violations of standards, policies, and procedures are to be dealt with as management actions.

o    Show Video Discuss video(s)

  1. Resume, discussion, Post Test

Tagout and Lockout Training Instructor

  • Patisina, ST, M.Eng dan Team

Time and Venue

  • Date                      :
    • Januari
    • Februari
    • Maret
    • April
    • Mei
    • Juni
    • Juli
    • Agustus
    • September
    • Oktober
    • November
    • Desember
  • Time                      : 08.00 – 16.00 WIB
  • Place                     : Hotel Ibis Style Yogyakarta

Course Fee

  1. Rp. 6.000.000/person
  2. Rp. 4.500.000/person (if there are 5 persons or more from the same company)
  3. Rp. 2.000.000/person (In House Training/ IHT min. 15 participants)

Training Facilities

  1. Handout dan Soft Copy
  2. Certificate
  3. Training Kit :
    • Booknote
    • Ballpoint
    • Training Bag
  4. Souvenir
  5. Coffee Break 2x and Lunch

Information & Registration

Jl. Patangpuluhan 26 Yogyakarta
Telephone : (0274) 375734,
Fax : (0274) 375734

Informasi dan Pendaftaran

Email: nurma@centragama.com

Mobile Phone/WhatsApp: 0813-8142-1802

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