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Hydraulic, Pneumatic And Control System

Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Control System


Deskripsi Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Control System

This course introduces the basic components and functions of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Topics include standard symbols, pumps, control valves, control assemblies, actuators, FRL, maintenance procedures, and switching and control devices.

Upon completion, students should be able to understand the operation of a fluid power system, including design, application, and troubleshooting.

Materi I Pelatihan Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Control System

1. Introduction to Fluid Power
•What is Fluid Power
•Advantages of Fluid Power
•Applications of Fluid Power
•Components of Fluid Power Systems

2. Power Transmitting Fluids
•Fluids: Oil and Air
•Pressure, Head, and Force
•The Perfect Gas Law
•The Continuity Equation
•Bernoulli’s Equation
•Pascal’s Law and Application
•Bulk Modulus
•Pressure Losses in Valve and Fitting
•Flow and Pressure Measurement
•Energy, Power, and Flow Rates

3. Basic Fluid Power System
•The Basic Pneumatic System
•The Basic Hydraulic System
•Air Compressors
•Hydraulic Pump
•Pump Performance
•Pump Selection
•Pressure Intensifiers
•Motors and Actuators
•Hydraulic Motor Performance
•Low-Speed, High-Torque Motors

4. The Distribution System
•Steel Pipes, Steel Tubing and Plastic Tubing
•Flexible Hoses
•Quick Disconnect Coupling
•Metric Steel Tubing

Materi II Pelatihan Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Control System

5. Control Components and Simple Circuit
•Directional Control Valve
•Pressure and Flow Control Valve
•Servo Valve
•Hydraulic Fuses
•Pressure and Temperature Switches
•Shock Absorbers

6. Hydraulic Circuit
•Control of a Single and Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
•Regenerative Circuit
•Pump-Unloading Circuit
•Double-Pump Hydraulic System
•Pressure Intensifier Circuit
•Counterbalance Valve Application
•Hydraulic Cylinder Sequencing Circuit
•Automatic Cylinder Reciprocating System
•Locked Cylinder Using Pilot Check Valves
•Cylinder Synchronizing Circuit
•Metering in and Metering out Fail-Safe Circuits
•Speed Control of Hydraulic Motor
•Hydraulic Motor Breaking System
•Accumulators and Accumulator Circuit

7. Pneumatic Circuit
•Fluid Conditioners
•Air Service Unit
•Air Pressure Losses in pipes
•Control with Orifice
•Air Control Valve
•Pneumatic Actuators
•Basic Pneumatic Circuit
•Circuit Design with Intuitive and Cascade Method
•Accumulator System Analysis
•Pneumatic Circuit Analysis

8. Electrical Controls for Fluid Power Circuit
•Electrical Components
•Control of a Cylinder Using a Single Limit Switch
•Dual Cylinder Sequence Circuits
•Electrical Control of Regenerative Circuit
•Counting, Timing, and Reciprocation of Hydraulic Cylinder
•Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

9. Fluid Power Maintenance and Safety
•Sealing Devices
•The Reservoir System
• Filters and Strainers
•Filtration and Contamination Assessment
• Beta Ratio of Filters
•Temperature Control
•Troubleshooting Fluid Power Circuit
•Safety Considerations

Waktu & Tempat Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Control System

Public Training

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•Training Kit
•Meeting Room Hotel
•2xCoffee Break And Lunch
•Pickup service from Airport

Who Sould Attends  

•Plant Engineers
•Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Managers, Supervisors and Engineers
•Mechanical Engineers
•Design Engineers
•Consulting Engineers
•Plant Operations and Maintenance Personnel
•Consulting Engineers
•Process Technicians
•Mechanical Technicians


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