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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

MAINTENANCE PLANNING AND SCHEDULING – In today’s competitive market, companies are under increasing pressure to produce higher quality goods and services at lower production costs. A key component of the overall cost of manufacturing is maintenance and the key role of maintenance is to guarantee the reliability of the production plant. The crucial element for ensuring that maintenance is cost effectively delivered is the planning and scheduling of maintenance tasks. This course provides a methodology for: pre- planning routine maintenance tasks generated by predictive and preventive maintenance programs, planning tasks to recover from malfunction or breakdown and a strategy to allow us to cope with random failure.

maintenance planning and scheduling


  1. Define Planning & Scheduling
  2. Understand the role of a Maintenance Planner
  3. Challenge, Clarify and Categorise Maintenance Tasks
  4. Negotiate with operation/production personnel on plant availability
  5. Produce a detailed Comprehensive Task Plan
  6. Organise and update a Maintenance Schedule
  7. Set and measure Planning and Scheduling KPI’s


  • Introduction – What is Planning & Scheduling?
  • Sources and control of Maintenance Tasks
  • The Basic Maintenance Planning approach
  • Case Study and Exercise: Section 1
  • Logistics –Planning materials, Equipment & Services
  • Planning detailed job methods
  • Case study and Exercise: Section 2
  • Review & Feedback for day 1
  • The Role of the Maintenance Planner
  • Creating the Basic Maintenance Schedule
  • More Complex Scheduling Combinations
  • Case Study and Exercise: Section 3
  • Negotiating availability with operations/production
  • Coping with Malfunction, Breakdown & Random failure
  • Case study and Exercise: Section 4
  • Planning and Scheduling KPI’s
  • Review & Feedback for the Course


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