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Lubrication Training ISO 18436

Plant Field Lubrication Training – ISO 18436-4 Using lubricant analysis to monitor condition and diagnose faults in machinery has become a key activity in predictive maintenance programs for most industries. Other non-intrusive technologies including thermography, vibration analysis, acoustic emission, and motor current analysis are used as complementary condition analysis tools. Those in the manufacturing industry who have diligently and consistently applied these techniques have experienced a return on investment far exceeding their expectations. However, the effectiveness of these programs depends on the capabilities of individuals who perform the measurements and analyze the data.

This training curriculum is drafted following ISO 18436-4 that intended for personnel who monitor machine condition and identify and recommend the correction of machine faults. This part of ISO 18436-4 covers curriculum will cover the training for laboratory-based technicians and analysts.

Lubrication Training ISO 18436-4 Main Subject

  1. Maintenance Strategies
  2. Lubrication Theory/Fundamentals
  3. Lubricant Selection
  4. Lubricant Application
  5. Lube Storage and Management
  6. Lubricant Contamination Measurement and Control
  7. Oil Sampling
  8. Laboratory Oil Test Method
  9. Lubricant Health Monitoring
  10. Wear Debris Monitoring and Analysis
  11. Oil Analysis Program Development and Management

Lubrication Training ISO 18436-4 Instructor

H. Joko Winarno, ST., M.Eng

Lubrication Training ISO 18436-4 Time and Place

Durasi : 2 days

Tempat : Tentative, menyesuaikan kebutuhan perusahaan

Course Fee

Rp. 15.000.000,-/ package for 10 participants
Rp. 22.000.000,-/ package for 20 participants


  • Biaya pelatihan sudah termasuk fasilitas:
    • Sertifikat Pelatihan Centra Gama Indovisi
    • Training kit
  • Biaya pelatihan belum termasuk
    • Pajak-pajak yang berlaku
    • Fasilitas Training : Training Room, 2x Coffee Break and Lunch
    • Akomodasi dan transportasi untuk 2-3 orang tim Centra Gama


Nurma Centra Gama
HP/WA: 0813-8142-1802


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